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Sick of feeling overweight and unhealthy? Is the reflection in the mirror not what you want to see? Fed up of feeling fat and horrible? Frustrated at the ongoing battle to get clothes to fit properly and look good?

You’ve tried every diet under the sun; mainstream, mass orientated, commercial diets haven’t worked for you? In desperation perhaps you’ve even tried a detox diet or a very low calorie diet only to put it all back on! (Trust me I originally did these too – juices, shakes, cabbage soup!)

That’s where I come in. I’ll give you the tools and support to turn your life around. To be the real you! We’re  about feeling good, burning fat, gaining confidence and getting healthy!

My Mission:
“To inspire and empower people to overcome the problems of being overweight or unhealthy by providing the tools and support to achieve a happier healthier life”


By providing a healthy eating plan that has 100% success rate! It’s individual and tailored to your specific needs. I provide motivational tools and inspiration to help you on your journey. Together we’ll make achievable, sustainable goals and smash them until you are where you want to be!

What some of my guys have had to say:
Mel is an inspiration, she oozes positive vibes. I smashed all my targets with her plan and support… not to mention all those awesome recipes she conjures up... Yummy
Mel, you have changed my eating habits completely. I feel much less sluggish and walking uphill with ease, such motivation. Thank You
Compelling and persuasive and I love your can do attitude
10lbs in 3 weeks… can’t believe my Xmas goal seems so achievable now
It’s real! Obesity is a KILLER! You’re overweight maybe obese! Your health is at risk... Diabetes, heart disease, increased risk of cancers – these are all real problems you may be facing. I’ve cracked this and I am going to help you do it too!