£99 a month for all the above. Initial consultation and weekly meetings. An indepth personalised plan to get the best results for YOU! A starter pack includiing 5 ebooks: How to guide, 7 day food planner, 5 day fat buster kick start, Carbs proteins and fats and Recipe book. A tape measure and measurement card. 1 x calorie counter book (inc carb, protein and fat). 1 x food pod. Monthly planner/ goal setter. 1 x food pack including: olive oil, nuts, seeds. 1 x pack of Bvitamins. Daily emails, Weekly newsletters and continual support from your personal nutritionist. ( your’ll have my personal number/email).

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Product Description

Become a Don’t Weight Up Gold Member! Remember I only take on 20 Members at any one time. This is so you have loads of focus, support and we will be communicating a lot!!

We will have a full initial consultation (normal price £25). There’s no time limit on this it will be a great opportunity to get to know each other and for me to find out your needs/ history. I’ll do a full analysis of food diary and help see what we can work on.

From here I’ll draw up a full personal healthy eating plan based around the 40:30:30 idea of eating the right foods to boost metabolism. your personalised plan will take into account current weight/ height/ size. current level of activity, type of work you do. We’ll work around food intolerences, barriers and issues. We’ll draw up aims, short term goals and long term goals.

You will recieve every thing in the silver package (£34.99)5 ebooks:40:30:30 the Dont weight up way, Recipe book, 7 day food planner, 5 day kick start, carbs,protein and fats. Measurement card and monthly goal planner.

Your’ll also recieve some valuable tools to start you off. 1x food pod, 1 x tape measure. 1x calorie counter book. 1 food pack of olive oil, seeds, nuts. 1 x B vitamins

We will also have a minimum of 4 hour long (min) consultations and reviews with action plans from each one. It is an opportunity to make changes and overcome obstacles and get motivated from the week ahead. (normal plrice 4 x£20 -£80)

As well as :

Daily motivational emails to help keep focus

Weekly newsletter

Join memebers only group for fellow Don’t weight up support

Weekly report and planners (lots of nice graphs and plans to plot your progress and motivate going forward)

One on one daily support and constant “buddy” support. You will have my private number and email. Great if you need a quick solution, someone to chat to when struggling as well as being able to pick up the phone to share your successes!!

And finally I offer a MONEY BACK GUARENTEE! If you follow my plan and my advice this really works. You will lose at least 2lbs a week! This is how confident I am in this!

You have nothing to lose but a few lbs!!! My 30 day money back guarantee – if you do what I say (we’ll go through step by step) and don’t lose weight and think it’s the most awesome plan with the most awesome support I’ll refund your money.(minus cost of physical items)

Each following month is only £69.99 and when we reach your goal you have free membership!!!!

Don’t weight any longer! Its time to get help!! LETS DO THIS!!