Seriously struggling with feeling fat and overweight? Obesity is a KILLER. Tried everything and can’t lose weight? Fed up of doing quick fixes, detoxes or paying for weight loss classes aimed at the mainstream and completely irrelevant to you?

Then… It’s time to do something about it.

Most people are not ready because they are living a lie; they are not being honest with themselves about the situation they are in. DENIAL. EXCUSES….. They know it and are afraid of being found out…… (I can wait… but I’ll bet in 6 months’ time they’ll wish they started today!)

If you’ve decided now is the time! You’re committed! Then I will help you succeed!

So why am I so excited about this?
Because I have a tried and tested, 100% success rate with this eating plan.

I only take on a maximum of 20 clients and walk them through their own healthy eating personalised plan. With limited clients more time is dedicated to YOU and the support you need to smash those goals and get back your life!

I’ve been there, I’ve felt horrible, and I’ve tried all those nasty mass marketed diets. I UNDERSTAND. But this works! I have proven results.

It is based on the biochemistry of our bodies to burn fat and uses our metabolism to drive weight loss forward.

You actually eat real food!

What do you get? (Apart from lighter)
  • This is an exclusive Members club

  • Full initial consultation

  • Personalised fat burning eating plan based on your weight, current activity and dietary needs.

  • Full analysis of current and ongoing food habits

  • Beautiful recipes all calculated and created in the Don’t weight up kitchen.

  • Weekly planners specific to you (including supermarket comparisons (UK))

  • One on one support from me, who’s done it, researched it, qualified in it. Has loads of tricks up my sleeve and motivational tools to keep you on track

  • No “molly coddling” approach – we are going to Get this DONE!

  • Regular Skype meetings (or phone) or in Person if based in South west UK. Daily support and communications – yes I will be on your back a bit!! I’m always on the end of the phone, text, email etc…. for support, questions, suggestions etc…

  • As well as one to one you become part of our exclusive group with fellow weight losers. An opportunity to share our successes, tips and best practice.

  • Weekly newsletter

  • Daily email

And finally I offer a MONEY BACK GUARENTEE! If you follow my plan and my advice this really works. You will lose at least 2lbs a week! This is how confident I am in this!

You have nothing to lose but a few lbs!!! My 30 day money back guarantee – if you do what I say (we’ll go through step by step) and don’t lose weight and think it’s the most awesome plan with the most awesome support I’ll refund your money.

I can’t make it any easier for you to get to where you want to be, so what are you waiting for?

It’s time to jump in, trust me and invest in your health.

You can keep on struggling, keep yo yo ing with your weight loss, and keep being miserable and unhappy with yourself or….


You can invest £99 with me

Click here to get started immediately

£99 a month for all the above. Ebooks and monthly packages to your door. Daily email, weekly newsletter, daily contact ability, me on your case pushing you to find that inner happier healthier you!

If you are taking action… get your place on the inside and I Look forward to working with you!!